June 19 to July 28, 2017

Hey love, are you feeling like…

You’re not as confident as you want to be, you’re not totally happy with the way you look,
you want to feel more confident and comfortable in your style.

You wear the same few outfits over-and-over again, and have no idea
how to do your hair or makeup…and everything looks the same everyday.

You don’t have a personal style. No clothes seem to fit
even if you go shopping and it’s disheartening!

You have a closet full of “clothes that used to fit” and
are clinging to them until you lose weight. Until then, you dress in the
same black leggings that at least make your thighs look kinda small.

Once you can fit back into your favorite skinny jeans you’ll feel pretty
and more confident to ask for that promotion, go on that date, lie by the
pool in a bikini, or start your own blog. You feel like you have to
‘have-it-together’ before you can do any of those things.


If you find these thoughts playing like a broken
record in your mind, I’ve got some happy news!

It’s called…

…and it’s my favorite program I’ve created so far.

You’re Gorg! is a 6-week online class where:

you’ll finally feel
confident in your style

you’ll stop being bored with
the same dull outfit choices

you’ll finally have a closet of gorg clothes that actually fit

You will go from thinking
crummy thoughts and moping around
with a sad panda face,
to feeling like THIS:

Closet Party 700

Shelley is a magical sparkle fairy with serious styling powers! I’ve worked with stylists for YEARS and Shelley is literally the first one who has ever identified my body type and gave me reasons “why” things do/don’t work.

After moving to Los Angeles last year, I quickly realized my closet was not working. I basically owned yoga pants and really dressy dresses, nothing in-between! I would show up at Hollywood meetings either wayyyyy too dressed up or in some thrown together outfit that made me feel sheepish when I got in the room. After Shelley poured her style glitter all over my closet (and world) I had a capsule closet filled with pieces I can mix n’ match and wear over and over.

The best part? I feel totally confident in everything I put on, and often get compliments on what I’m wearing in meetings (bonus confetti!) If someone asked me what my best investment was last year, I’d say HIRING SHELLEY. She’s the peanut butter to my jelly. – Melissa Cassera, Sceenwriter + Business Strategist



Why I created You’re Gorg!

Just $197 – that’s less than 10 SoulCycle sessions!


You’re Gorg! is a majorly transformative program filled with sparkles and love! Shelley is like your fairy godmother, nurturing you to feel radiant, feminine and oh-so-beautiful.

My favorite part of class: the hair curling video. My girlfriends were asking me if I’d gone to a blow dry bar and I told them: “nope – I did this 3 days ago!” A close second are the Pinterest boards filled with custom style ideas – these were so insanely, amazingly, valuable. Slip on your favorite flats and dash to sign up for You’re Gorg! – seriously, it’s incredible! – Becca Piastrelli, The Dabblist.


What is You’re Gorg!


You’re Gorg! Is a 6-week online program that runs from June 19 to July 28, 2017.

That means you can come and play no matter where you live…hello international Gorgies!

During the 6-week online class you will:

:: Feel like you have your own personal fairy godmother that can help you shop and teach you how to look exactly how you want.
:: Clean out all of your ill-fitting clothes and learn how to fill your closet with beautiful new pieces that fit perfectly.
:: Have someone who finally will tell you what looks good on you!
:: Learn easy-breezy ways to style your hair and apply your makeup that look totally Instagram-worthy
:: Finally feel great in your clothes and body.


How it works

Each week you’ll receive new lessons in our sparkly online classroom on confidence,
style & beauty.

I want your experience to feel like an
all-day shopping spree topped off with champagne and a scalp massage.

We’ll meet in a private Facebook group where you’ll vent, share, giggle, & gossip with other “Gorgies” (and me!) about our lessons or anything that’s come up for you around confidence, body image, style, beauty – or whatever I can support you with.

There are 2 live style soirees that will be
held via Zoom video conference
where you can ask your burning
questions or just chat about what’s
popping for you.

Oh, and there are prezzies. Glorious prezzies!

Only $197 – that’s less than a latte a day for 6-weeks



Happy Besties Day!

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Only $197 – that’s less than a latte a day for 6-weeks


I absolutely adored Shelley Cohen’s You’re Gorg! online program. She has such a sweet and genuine way of making you feel seen and loved — such a gift!

You’re Gorg! is more than just your average style class. Even though the style content was my absolute favourite (I mean she totally helped me figure out my unique body shape), I adored how Shelley weaved the topics of self-love and body and mind nourishment through out the class. I really appreciated that the content was delivered so many different ways: video, gorgeously designed pdf’s, and downloadable audio files. That way I could choose the best way to take in the lessons in a way that worked for me and how I felt that day.

The icing on the cupcake? Having access to the truly magical Facebook group where Shelley pops in and waves her “ glitterwand” of heart-centered expertise over every question, providing answers that are incredibly thoughtful, detailed and loving. You’re Gorg! is perfect for girl bosses or aspiring girl bosses that need to move past comparison, perfectionism and finally get themselves out there with style and confidence. – Casey Erin Wood, Writer + Intuitive Coach


Who is Shelley Cohen?

Hey gorgeous friend! I’m personal stylist & confidence whispering fairy, I help heart-centered girl bosses who want to ditch the yoga pants & greasy bun but feels completely lost finding a style that radiates confidence, while being oh-so-cute & comfy.

I dream of a world where women can look in the mirror and deeply love + accept the person that looks back at them. A world where fashion comes without vanity, beauty without judgement, and inner mean girls transform into self-lovers.

I believe that style and self-love are intrinsically linked.
I believe that when your style and confidence are aligned, you unlock something truly magical.

As someone who used to loathe what I saw in the mirror, I use to feel so self-conscious about my body.I let my inner mean girl call the shots. I let amazing opportunities pass me by.

I didn’t want to hang out with friends. I ran in the opposite direction if I saw someone at the mall that I hadn’t seen in years for fear that they’d judge me for the weight I’d gained.

And most recently, a miscarriage left my body + mind + sparkle in a broken puddle of disappointment and self-doubt on the bathroom floor.

Sweet lady, I intimately understand you. I personally know and have experienced what you’re going through.

And I know I can wave my glitter wand to help you find you way back
to feeling like your most beautiful, confident, sparkly self.

Shelley Cohen


You’re Gorg! is an investment of $197

I want to make your investment in self-love a no brainer!
That’s $197 for 6-weeks of confidence & style but the results are forever.

You’re Gorg! is:

:: LESS THAN 10 SoulCycle classes…$320
:: LESS THAN a complete outfit for an event…$260
:: LESS THAN one latte everyday for 6-weeks…$210

If you were to hire a personal stylist 1-on-1, you could expect to pay hundreds of dollars.
But I’ve structured You’re Gorg! in a way that it’s basically like I’m living in your closet…
as your sparkly fairy godmother!


You can also expect a totally gorg snail mail gift! YAY!!


Now $197 – that’s less than an entire outfit


In the beginning of Shelley’s You’re Gorg! class, I felt so overwhelmed with school and everything else that was going on. I could not even imagine doing the homework she asked us to do, so I went over to the facebook group and asked for help.

I could not even believe how encouraging not only the other women in the group were, but especially Shelley. Together they helped me focus on what was most important and not to worry about the rest. After that, I actually was really looking forward to doing the homework, listening Shelley’s audio versions of the weekly workbooks and talking to all the other wonderful ladies.

When the class was over, I had not only started jounalling again but also learned a lot about my body, my skin type and what pieces of clothing look good on me. I still try to incoporate a weekly beauty routine and my daily jounalling and reading time into my routine. I try my best to feed my body and soul right and went from a “clothes are just there to keep me warm” kind of mindset to having fun picking out pretty outfits and trying new make-ups and hair styles.

Thank you, Shelley, for the wonderful weeks, the pretty workbooks and inspiring video, and for all the helpful advice. – Anna Disser, Lolly Loop Lifestyle Blog


You’re Gorg! is a wonderful online class filled with life, style, and mind-body-spirit tips! The biggest bang for your buck was the style section – I was able to find my own personal style in no time. Shelley’s individualized attention to each student’s own style cues was phenomenal. It was like having your own personal stylist at your fingertips. If you are looking for six weeks of fun, friendship, and finding out more about yourself I would highly recommend You’re Gorg! – Ashley Zamore, Engineer


Just $197 for confidence, style + access to a community of likeminded women


Got questions? I’ve got you babe!

Things are so busy in my life right now, I'm not sure that I'm going to have time to do this class. What kind of time commitment is required?
You’re Gorg! is a 6-week online class that I’ve structured in a way that makes it super easy for you to take action. Each week’s materials will take you about an hour to dive into and complete. As always, the true value and magic happens when you take action and implement the lessons into your life.

I'm on a journey right now trying to lose some weight, I don't want to invest in style until I'm at my goal weight.
Love, I totally understand where you’re coming from! However, You’re Gorg! is all about helping you feel fancy, fabulous, and oh-so confident exactly where you’re at…in the skin you’re in. Each module will help you move towards your dreamy weight-loss goal by keeping you motivated, inspired, and learning to love your body as she is – as well as contain lessons that you can use over-and-over again.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Yes. I wholeheartedly believe in this program and know that it’s jam-packed with incredible value, but if for any reason you’re not happy, you can withdraw within 7-days with a refund (minus 10% processing fee). Simply email me at shelley (at) fromshelleywithlove.com. You will however need to submit all completed worksheets up to that point to show that you actually tried the class.

How is the class content delivered?
The class is broken up into pre-class work, followed by five weekly modules delivered over 6-weeks. All content is housed in the You’re Gorg! private members area, accessible by a unique login you’ll receive the you sign-up. You’ll also receive an email each week as new content goes live.

The material has lifetime access (which at this stage, means indefinitely – and of course, you will be given plenty of advanced notice before anything is taken down if the structure of the class happens to change.)

I also understand that each and every person learns…and likes to absorb, their content a little different – so each week’s content is delivered by a combination of videos, audio, worksheets, and beautifully designed PDFs that you can print out.

I've got a holiday/wedding/giant deadline in the middle of the course and night fall behind. Can I still participate?
Of course, gorgeous. The materials will be delivered to your inbox each week, but it’s up to you how quickly you want to work through them. If it takes you a little longer because life get in the way, that’s totally okay. Wherever you are is perfect. Just make sure that you show up for your best sparkly-self and take action when you can.


Are you ready to live with confidence and love your style?

If you’re ready to unleash your confidence, unlock your personal style, and step into the world
feeling totally fancy + fabulous…then I can’t wait to help you, love!

Only $197 for your investment in style + self-love