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OMG We Built A House
Whimsical Guest Bedroom Makeover

Read all the way to the bottom for details about my next 2017 confetti tossing announcement!

“OMG, we’re coming over!”

These 4 little words make me want to throw my hands in the air and squeal in delight, just like a One Direction fan-girl.

But in the past, that initial shot of excitement + bliss was quickly followed by a chaser of panic.

My guest bedroom was desperately crying out for some sparkly love + attention. To describe it as dorm room chic, would be a MASSIVE overstatement. It was always the last room in our house to receive any love… actually it was less love and more like, ‘that will do’ or ‘she’ll be right, mate!’.

The guest bedroom was as basic as basic comes. Long before minimalism was even a trend – it looked like a mish-mash of unstyled, uninspired, unintentional furniture, that was just there to fill a void and be somewhat functional.

It was also one of the first rooms visitors to our home would see, when we lived in Houston…so you bet the door hiding my home decor shame was always shut.

Well not anymore!!!

Today I’m inviting you to take a peek at my…

Whimsical Guest Bedroom Makeover!

Check out the video above for my design and styling process.



Here’s what our new guest bedroom looked like before the design + styling party began.

So fresh and bright, with 12ft ceilings…a beautiful neutral, blank canvas.
Wall color: Sherwin Williams Snowbound SW 7004.
Trim color: Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005.



Drapes: Restoration Hardware | Window Hardware: Pottery Barn | Desk: West Elm | Desk Chair: Joss & Main (similar styles here and here.) | Mirror: HomeGoods | Tufted Pink Chair: Target


The Dreamy Vision

If you and I have been besties for a little while, then you’ll already know how much I adore Pinterest for sleuthing your style.

Pinterest is a wonderful website/app/tool to help you zero in on exactly how you want to feel in your style…and in my space. Having said that, I probably don’t pin images that you’d typically expect when gathering inspiration for my space….or my style for that matter.

In this instance (my whimsical guest bedroom makeover) I pinned textures that gave me goosebumps, fabrics that made me swoon, and colors that had me oohing and aahhhing when applied together.

I also pinned twinkling, enchanted, fairies and florals – even a kitty looking so sweet bundled up in a cozy blanket. Because, who doesn’t wanna feel like that?! Ok, maybe if you hate cats (how are we even friends?! Just kidding!), but seriously…I totes wanna feel like that! (And yes, I am aware that I’m two whiskers off being the eHarmony “just want cats in a basket with lil’ bow-ties”, gal!)

Once I’ve finished pinning images that speak to my heart + sparkly soul, I create my Intentional Style Map (a shopping guide) and start gathering all the piece and items that will make up my room. Rugs, doona (quilt) covers, blinds or drapes first, then the smaller, stylized elements that really transform your space.

Before I begin the room install, something I really love to do for my visual mind and to help me declutter my thoughts, is to roughly sketch out what my finished room will look.

This act of picking up a sharp 2B pencil and blank sketch pad, helps me work though any potential kinks in my plan and helps to unblock me creatively.

Hubby and I had decided that we didn’t want to invest in a headboard for our ensemble just yet. And even though I have some totally swoon-worthy DIY solutions, there was just one small problem…TIME!
So I turned to my sketch pad with the hope of unlocking an uber sparkly, stylish and creative design solution…

And that’s exactly what happened.

Hello enchanted forest wall!!!


Silk florals: Afloral.com


Faux Deer: White Faux Taxidermy


Sheets: HomeGoods (Kate Spade) | Striped Shams: Target | Duvet Cover: West Elm | Velvet Quilt: Target| Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover: West Elm | Blush Faux Fur Throw: No longer available (similar)


Bathroom Mirror: Ikea | Cabinet Color: Benjamin Moore – Raccoon Fur


White Textured Vase: Crate & Barrel | Rose Mercury Vase: Anthropologie | Grey & White Stone Herringbone Vase: Anthropologie | Mini Iridescent Candle: Anthropologie | Silk Flowers: Afloral.com


Marquee Ampersand: Target | Owl Trinket Dish (with succulent): Anthroplogie | Gold Giraffe: Target | Two-toned planter (with fern): Crate & Barrel | Picture Frame: Anthropologie


Bedside Cabinet: One Kings Lane | Navy, White & Gold Bowl (with cacti): Target | Silver Mercury Glass Cake Stand: Vintage | Pink & White Stone Canister: Target | Silver Photo Frame: HomeGoods | Gold Pineapple Dish: Anthroplogie | Rose Quartz Coaster: Anthropologie | Highball Glass: Anthropologie | Lamp: West Elm (no longer available)



Shop the Whimsical Guest Bedroom Makeover


Do you have a room in need of some sparkly style love, but you have absolutely no idea how to pull your dreamy vision together?
Consider my glitterwand waved…

Introducing 911 Style My Space™

911 Style My Space™ is designed for the girl boss who wants her space to reflect her personal style, but feels completely overwhelmed with where to start or how to even pull her dreamy vision together.

This virtual interior design service will help you transform that Pinterest board from a collection of swoon-worthy images, to a stylish, intentional, gorgeous space that 100% represents you while making your heart pitter-patter with glee.

911 Style My Space™ can be used for an indiviual room such as home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, guest bedrooms, bathrooms – the sky’s the limit!

Limited spaces are now available for new clients at the price of $297 per room.
If you’ve got a room you’re dying to make over, send an email to me with your details, to get started.

If you’re not sure which room to start with, contact me and I’ll be happy to chat it out with you.

Need in-person help or have more than just a one-room design job on your hands? No problem – a VIP package is available upon request. Simply shoot an email to shelley@fromshelleywithlove.com with the details of your dreamy job.

Want in, gorgeous? I’ve got you!

With love & confetti,
Shelley Cohen

    5 real reasons you really have nothing to wear


    Too busy to read? I totally get.

    Click the play button below and I’ll read this article to you!



    It’s an average morning.

    You’ve just been woken by the annoying sound of your alarm clock.

    Giving yourself a minute to wake-up, you scroll through your Instagram feed, double-tapping pics until you can’t stay in bed any longer.

    With this fresh Insty inspo, you shuffle into your closet – ready to put on an adorable outfit and snap that mirror selfie. Except, what really goes down looks more like this:

    You hastily you try on item-after-item…

      Ugh too tight!

      This looked so good in the dressing room, what happened?

      Whyyy doesn’t this shirt look as cute as it does on that girl on Instagram? #instafail

    Suddenly, your floor is filled with more clothes than are left in your closet.

    You’ve got nothin’ – so you just toss on that same outfit you always wear and begrudgingly head out the door.

    Truth Sparkle

    I totally feel you on this “all is lost moment.” But, like any good movie, your happy ending is hidden right there in your closet!

    Here are the…

    5 real reasons you have nothing to wear:

    REASON #1:

    Your closet resembles Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance (aka: a trainwreck)
    There was once some kinda organization, but now it’s an overwhelming, jumbled mess of things that once filled your heart with glee. Instead, they now reside on the floor, stuffed into drawers, and haphazardly double slug over hangers. And, just like Mariah, instead of channeling your inner sparkle you just GIVE UP and let sexy men carry you around stage (okay, maybe that last part isn’t so bad ;-))


    REASON #2:

    Your closet is suffocated with clothes you never wear…like ever
    Those clothes you bought on a whim but have never, like, EVER worn because you have nothing to wear with it, or they just don’t seem like your style. Those trendy pieces that need to go to a better home…but you can’t part with. And the ‘skinny’ jeans you’re totally going to fit back into… this year.

    Your closet is stuffed full of clothes that never see the light of day. Oh yeah, and then there’s all the emotions…both good and otherwise…that bubble to the surface every time you meet!


    REASON #3:

    You’ve forgotten about the sparkly gems hiding in your closet
    Like searching for your besties at a Beyonce concert, your sparkly outfit-gems can’t be found due to the sea of suffocating fabrics…”Oh there you are! Pardon me, I thought you were something else!


    REASON #4:

    Like the Babysitters Club books you had when you were a teen, you’ve totally outgrown your style…or have no idea what your style is at all!
    Chances are, you’ve been through many transitions in your life – graduating uni (college), falling in love…falling out of love, welcoming sweet little bundles of joy into the world or mourning the loss of a precious angel, starting a new job…or saying goodbye to sweet colleagues, dealing with sneaky weight gain…or celebrating that those last 5lbs are gone.

    These transitions not only bring changes to your lifestyle, dreams and mindset, they also bring change to your closet.

    • Maybe that grunge rock chic phase you went through after that break-up, no longer resonates with who you are today.
    • Maybe your body shape is different after having baby and your old clothes just don’t seem to fit the way they use to.
    • Maybe you were dressing for someone else…and not yourself.
    • Maybe you bought clothes on a whim…so nothing really goes together.
    • Maybe you’re still trying to find your style…through trial and error.


    REASON #5:

    You’re waiting on the weight
    Oh this one’s a biggy…why bother with your closet now, cos you’re gonna lose like 20lbs…and then you’ll buy all the things to make you feel fabulous.

    Seriously, this is the worst option.

    Imagine how much more productive and motivated you would feel, if you felt feminine + fancy now? Imaging how much better you would feel about yourself if you could swirl into your closet for a sparkly confidence boost after a little slip-up…instead of being taunted by the clothes that remind you of everything you don’t want to feel?

    That sounds so much better, right?!

    Well my gorgeous fancy friend, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that!

    Join my 5-day free New Year Closet Cleanse – where I’ll help you break up with the clothes in your closet that are holding you back from achieving your big goals, stopping you from feeling like a true girl boss, and making you settling for mediocre. It’s kinda like a juice cleanse…only way funner!

    There are already so many amazing ladies joining up…there’s room for you too.

    I’d love to see you there.

    With love & confetti,
    Shelley Cohen

      Why what you wear affects more than how you look….like it or not!


      This week’s episode of “your get ready rituals” series is all about why what you wear affects more than how you look.

      Let’s kick things off with two #reallife scenarios:

      Real Life Scenario #1

      You’re hustling through the crowd on a busy city street, minding your own biz, when – suddenly! – the sea of bustling people weirdly parts and you spot him (or her).

      Your heart stops for a split second because you’ve just spied your ex-bf or frenemy or nasty former co-worker or some other judgy person from your past life.

      And – oh shit! – they are walking your way.

      A wave of panic hits you and a million thoughts begin buzzing through your mind:

      “Why did I have to leave the house wearing these crappy clothes?”
      “Of course I get caught on a day that my hair looks more shabby than chic.”
      “OMG is he going to notice that I’ve gained like 10lbs?”
      “Note to self – never leave the house ever again!!”

      You can’t bare the thought of them seeing you looking… um, not your best, so you quick drop and shuffle sheepishly out of sight.


      Real Life Scenario #2:

      Today’s the day of a huge conference you’ve been super excited to attend, for months.

      After weeks of outfit scrutiny, you settled on the perfect power piece. It’s a little more bold than you’d usually wear but here… you want to be noticed.

      You perfect your hair and follow the makeup tutorial of your favorite beauty blogger, completing your look with a power red lip.

      One last look in the mirror before you’re on your way, “dang gurrl, I look ah-mazeballs!!!

      As you strut into the conference, you notice the confidence you left home with fall apart with every step you take.

      You begin questioning yourself:

      “Does this outfit really look THAT good?”
      “Why did I have to wear such a bright color – omg, people are staring at me!”
      “Wow everyone here looks so chic – why can’t I look chic?? Am I trying too hard?”
      “Am I going to sound like a nervous bumbling idiot?”
      “Uggghh! I’ve been here for like 2 minutes and nobody has complimented me on my outfit!”
      “Should I run home and change?”

      It’s too late to turn back now. Instead of allowing yourself to soak in every piece of amazingness the day presents, you spend the entire day fidgeting and tugging at your outfit, feeling self-conscious and over-calculating what your next move is going to be.

      As a result, you make zero connections and barely remember anything you learned from any of the incredible speakers.

      Here we have two totally different real-life scenarios – running into someone when you don’t look your best vs. a calculated look to impress.

      I’ve experienced both of these scenarios firsthand. Yep, I was that girl running like I was being chased by a grisly bear away from an ex-bf in a grocery store. Only, I knocked over the cereal display at the end of the isle and drew the attention of all the shoppers in the area… including my ex! #notsodiscreet

      Here’s the thing, when you leave the house wearing clothes that don’t make you feel amazing, you act differently – which leads to missed opportunities like job promotions, finding that dream guy (or lady), booking a new client, or getting that last pair of shoes you’ve been lusting over.


      What you wear is your non-verbal way of communicating with the world.

      At the end of the day, you don’t need to wear a sparkly ballgown and call the glam-squad to make-you-over to look and feel amazing every day. You just need to dress yourself in a way that feels great – for YOU.

      Confidence Reigns

      Need help pulling together your signature beauty look or sparkly standby outfits for an insta-boost of confidence? CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE Love your Wardrobe session – where style is a piece of cake…like, literally!

      We pop on a quickie Skype chat (totally comfortable – I promise) and I’ll help you whip together a look you’ll love. Easy peasy.

      Get on the calendar HERE.

      With love and fairy sprinkles of confidence,
      Shelley Cohen

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