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Joscelin Cronk - Self Health Wellness Testimonial“Looking after my body from the inside out is my number one value but I always felt like I wasn’t showing the world the true, authentic me by hiding under clothes that were no longer my style.

Shelley taught me that wrapping myself in clothes that I love and treasure and adding a little extra sparkle with a touch of makeup, can enhance my essence and make me feel truly beautiful; truly me.

These things don’t come naturally to me, and so Shelley is my ‘go-to gal’ for all things fashion, beauty and style.

In 2013, she helped me prepare to step on stage for a fitness model competition by doing my hair and make-up.  Her professionalism, endless knowledge of products and amazing practical application, made me feel safe in her hands and flawless on stage.
She pours love and soul into her business and her clients, and her ability to help you reveal your own personal style is incredible!  Shelley’s passion absolutely shines through her work.”

JOSCELIN CRONK |  Holistic Lifestyle Coach + Personal Trainer + Writer  Self Health Wellness



Ashley Alexandro TestimonialShelley was an invaluable help to organize my life a bit more before my fiancé moved into my home. 

I was used to living a Texas lifestyle with a large bathroom FILLED with girly products from hair supplies to makeup.  There was NO place for my fiancé to make space in what was to become OUR bathroom.  In came Shelley to the rescue!

She came over, helped me purge all my unnecessary supplies then organize using my existing containers so everything was easily accessible.

Because of the system she came up with I still have neat and tidy bathroom cabinets.  Now I can enjoy my hair and makeup products while there’s still space for another person’s belongings.




Annie Anderson From Shelley With Love TestimonialI’ve struggled with eczema for most of my life.  Shelley has not only been my go-to gal for all my makeup and skincare queries, but she has also helped me to figure out how to balance my dry skin and oily spots. 

Straight from your kitchen cupboard or fridge, one of the things I especially love is her homemade beauty product and mask recipes!  Shelley knows exactly what ingredients are best to target any skincare issue you might be dealing with.  Cheap, natural and so effective!

There’s never been a question she couldn’t answer!

ANNIE ANDERSON | Model + Actor + Singer + Dancer



Zoe Hawkins Testimonial | From Shelley With LoveI just wanted to say I have known Shelley Cohen for a long time now and so I speak from a place of deep respect when I say she has always been there for me with advice on make-up and fashion.

The thing I like most about her is that she is not just beautiful on the outside but also on the inside, and that comes from her great approach to lifestyle issues regarding yoga, and exercising too.  She has a deep, holistic approach to beauty rather than just one level.

Shelley, on the eve of the release of your new website, a big thank-you for all your help over the years.  I wish you every success in the future.



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