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A manifesto for a stylish life with soul. I believe in dreaming big and never playing small.  Acting with courage + class + honesty + integrity always. In being the best version of myself that I can be everyday. I believe in being my own best friend, trusting my instincts and letting my quirks + idiosyncrasies hang out with intentional and deliberate style. In periodically disconnecting from technology and engaging with real, open-hearted, down-to-earth, inspiring humans…and animals! I believe in nourishing + awakening the soul with movement, nutritious food and reconnecting with my inner goddess through meditation and getting amongst nature. We are stronger + more powerful than we realise. It’s more than okay not to fit under a ‘label’ dictated by society! I believe that when our inner goddess and public image are aligned, we are able to speak our truth.  Allowing ourselves to become a positivity magnet, with our sparkling light free to shine bright and strong =  contentment + happiness + confidence + beautiful both inside and out. Life should be full of deep belly laughter, joy, warmth, great company and true, meaningful relationships – ok, and maybe just a few fairy lights + a bit of glitter + a whole-lotta confetti.  I believe that everything comes back to love. I believe that there is no reason why soulful + spirited gals can’t wear hot shoes too (as said straight from the mouth of my gal, Gabrielle Bernstein)There is no shame in wearing your heart on your sleeve – leaving it wide-open and vulnerable.

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