From Shelley With Love Manifesto for a confident, stylish, and productive life.

Celebrate with Confetti Bombs – Toss glitter, dance like no ones watching, and pop the bubbly and cheers with the fun & fancy glasses! High-five the OMG moments, learn from the lows, and let the ah-ha’s sink into your heart and soul. Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart – Recognize the blessing of where you’re are right now, your cheer-squad dropping glitter-bombs of love + support, and the opportunities that swirl into your life. Tell your Inner Mean-Girl to ‘Sit Down’ – You are MORE than enough. Stop waiting on perfection – you are imperfectly perfect. Wrap yourself in rituals of self-love to give yourself space to stretch and lean further into the gift you hold, and that the world needs. Love deeply and be accepting – of others and of your beautiful self. Embrace compassion and not perfection. Style is more than What You Wear or the Collection of Stuff in your Space – Style is a way of silently communicating to the world. It’s like sprinkling pixie dust over your energy, productivity, and creativity. It’s your brand, your heart, YOU. When you style your self and your space with intention, truly magical things happen! Be a Bestie – Listen, share and give like you would with your dearest besties. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Share the light and darkness in the collective moments that make up your story. Allow yourself to be open, fearless, and brave. Be the cheerleader, the empathetic hand and heart of support, and send little delightful surprises by snail-mail. Giggle, Play and Have Fun – Adulting is totes overrated. Run away with the thoughts and dreams of your inner 6-year old – create from a place of play, curiosity, inspiration, generosity and love. OMG! Unicorns, fluffy kittens, flower crowns and rainbows make us seriously giddy. Be an adventurer! You Don’t Need an Occasion to be Fancy – Pop on a hot pair of shoes, sip from a vintage cocktail glass, twirl in your favorite dress and know that…sequins & sparkles are always appropriate. Let your Inner Sparkle be your North Star
When you feel your heart whisper, the energy fluttering in your belly like champagne bubbles, that magical feeling tickling your spine – let that be your guide. Create with Intention. Design with Creativity. Style with Love. – Kiss goodbye to perfection and the so-called ‘rule book’. Listen deeply and feel into what your clients BFFs’ ultimately needs from you. Read between the lines for what she truly desires or wishes to share, but is too scared. Then create with all the amazingness that is ‘her’, in mind. Reach for the stars…with your hot shoes grounded – You can achieve all the desires in your heart as long as you value yourself, surrender rigid expectations, and lead with an open heart. Be your Gorgeous Sparkly Self – Delight, inspire and sparkle from the inside, out. Accept and love your body just as she is…right now. Let style and whimsy be your silent communicator and an extension of all your magical brilliance. A smile and confidence is always your best accessory!

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