It’s finally here….

    …the mega HOT date.

    …the crazy-awesome event full of inspiring girl bosses you’ve been dying to go to.

    …the interview for your dream job. The one you never thought you’d get. Ever.



Because you have NOTHING TO WEAR!

Does this sound familiar?

Before you face-plant into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey,
let me stop you right there, girlfriend.

Sure you have something to wear.

Everybody has something to wear!

And everything you need to make a sparkly statement is at your pretty little fingertips.




Well, if you’ve sssooo had
ENOUGH of the enough…

It’s time to take back control of your closet
and tell your inner mean girl to sit-the-freak-down!


Join me for the…

New Years Closet Cleanse 5-day Challenge

Where you’ll learn how to break-up
with the clothes that are “shoulding” all over you,
holding you back from chasing after your big dream, and tell you you’re not enough. Ick!…

It’s kinda like a juice cleanse but only way more funner!


Enter your details below and click the glittery sign-me-up button,

and you’ll be on your way to cleansed closet bliss!


When and where will this soiree occur?

The New Years Closet Cleanse is a FREE challenge that happens online,
that means you can participate from anywhere in the world. YAY!!!

The fun begins on January 16 – 20


How it works:


The New Year’s Closet Detox/Cleanse is for you if:




As a personal stylist & pretty space creator, I help heart-centered girl bosses who want to ditch the yoga pants & greasy bun but feels completely lost finding a style that radiates confidence, while being oh-so-cute & comfy.

I help her curate a closet (and life!) she adores so she can focus on serving the people she loves, with unwavering brilliance.

I believe that style and self-love are intrinsically linked.

I believe that when you style yourself with confidence & a smile, you unlock the door to your dream life.

I believe that true confidence comes from within and when topped off with an outfit and makeup that is authentically you…it’s just like the frosting on a delicious cupcake…magic!

As someone who used to loathe what I saw in the mirror, I use to hated my body, and myself.

I let my inner mean girl call the shots.
I let amazing opportunities pass me by.

I didn’t want to hang out with friends.
I ran in the opposite direction if I saw someone at the mall that I hadn’t seen in years for fear that they’d judge me for the weight I’d gained.

And most recently, a miscarriage left my body + mind + sparkle in a broken puddle of disappointment and send-doubt on the bathroom floor.

Sweet lady, I intimately understand you. I personally know and have experienced what you’re going through.

And I know I can help you dance your way back
to being your most beautiful, brightest sparkly self.