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My name is Shelley Cohen.Hi I'm Shelley Cohen
I’m a ‘life & style’ coach, professional girlfriend & bestie on speed dial, blogger, writer, speaker, and spirit seeker.

I guide passion-filled women away from the grips of self-doubt, low confidence and a negative body image, perpetuated by the voice of their inner mean-girl; to a place where their sparkling light is free to shine on their very own, beautifully-unique personal style.

I believe that style and self-love are intrinsically linked.

Subconsciously, our message is silently communicated to the world by what we wear, our body language and actions.  It’s for this reason that I believe our inner and outer beauty must be in sync, in order to create the life we’ve always dreamed about.


Our mission is to empower every women to feel beautiful, confident, spirited, sexy and most of all, deliciously satisfied with their own incredibly unique style-language.

From Shelley With Love is about being the best version of yourself that you can be, everyday!
It’s where beauty + fashion collide with self-love + confidence, to create a powerful, unique style.

Once a hobby, this little blog with big dreams has flourished into your ultimate resource for coveted style and wellbeing, delivered with heart and soul.

Self-Love Style Coach - www.fromshelleywithlove.com


Stahy-lish Self-luhv (verb)
Dressing yourself in love everyday.
That’s a label that never goes out of style.


//  A deep love of beauty and fashion.
The seemingly ‘glamorous’ allure of beauty and fashion piqued my interest from a very young age.  As a little girl I loved watching my Mum apply lipstick, creating different outfits on my paper dolls and dressing up my three younger siblings (my poor brothers).

I picked up my first fashion and beauty magazine, ‘Dolly’, at age 12 and hid it inside a science textbook.  It wasn’t much longer after that I began researching beauty products and experimenting with how to use them – you can bet there were some major application malfunctions in this phase of my life!

By the age of 15, my beauty-goo hoarding was in full swing and many people close to me, had began asking for my beauty advice, tips and how-to’s.  Nothing satisfied me more than helping other women feel pretty and confident.

Fast forward to today and my passion for beauty and fashion has become much more than a hobby…it’s a big part of who I am and my life!

//  A soul driven desire to be creative.  
If you told me a few years ago that I would work in some kind of creative industry, I would have thought you had lost your marbles!  I never saw myself as the creative type, but the more I listened to my authentic self, the more I felt the pull.

It was during my first year studying for a communications degree in PR, journalism and events, that I realised just how much I loved to write, design and be bold with my own personal style.  It was the perfect match for my beauty and fashion obsession – and so, this little blog was born – my baby, my passion, my creative joy.

The site launched in 2012 and provided me with a platform to share and discuss my hobby, tips + trick + recommendations and ultimate loves, with like minded beauties, like you.

By December 2013, I was living my dream – working full time as a beauty and fashion blogger but as time went on, I began to feel like something was missing.

// My ah-ha moment.
Shallow, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, superficial, pretentious, adds little to society.  These were just some of the not-so-nice words that I had heard for years, when it came to beauty and fashion.  They had no place in my life or the intention I has set for my blog but they did however, make me question:  how was I being of service and what was I giving back?

With a battle in head, my heart urged me to roll out my yoga mat and asked for guidance.  It wasn’t long before it hit me like a shockwave!

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping many women recognise their beauty and personal style potential.  One commonality that I discovered between them broke my heart – they felt uncomfortable in their own skin!  Low confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, even hating the gorgeous face that looked back at them in the mirror.

This was the moment that I realised my quest was bigger than wanting to help women feel beautiful on the outside!

My soul-driven desire to help women feel beautiful and confident BOTH inside and out,
is exactly why my heart-centred business was born!




After working with hundreds of women to help them discover that style is not just the clothes on our backs or the makeup on our faces, I’m honored to be their got to gal for stylish self-love.  One client even said:


Joscelin Cronk - Self Health Wellness Testimonial“Looking after my body from the inside out is my number one value but I always felt like I wasn’t showing the world the true, authentic me by hiding under clothes that were no longer my style.

Shelley taught me that wrapping myself in clothes that I love and treasure and adding a little extra sparkle with a touch of makeup, can enhance my essence and make me feel truly beautiful; truly me.

These things don’t come naturally to me, and so Shelley is my ‘go-to gal’ for all things fashion, beauty and style.

In 2013, she helped me prepare to step on stage for a fitness model competition by doing my hair and make-up.  Her professionalism, endless knowledge of products and amazing practical application, made me feel safe in her hands and flawless on stage.

She pours love and soul into her business and her clients, and her ability to help you reveal your own personal style is incredible!  Shelley’s passion absolutely shines through her work.”

JOSCELIN CRONK |  Holistic Lifestyle Coach + Personal Trainer + Writer  Self Health Wellness






  • Can’t live without:  Winnie, my 11 year old Chinchilla Persian kitty.  He’s my best friend and the furriest + sweetest little guy I know…well, aside from my hubby!
  • Greatest physical and mental challenge/ achievement:  Hiking for 96km over eight days through the rugged and isolated terrain of the Kokoda Trail, in Papua New Guinea.  It was seriously one of the best experiences of my life!
  • Most memorable moment:  During 2013, I married my best friend twice (read more here) before leaving my job, home, family and friends in Brisbane, Australia for the great state of Texas, USA.  Howdy ya’ll!
  • Worst habit:  shamefully, biting my nails – eeewww.
  • Weird phobia:  the feeling of cotton wool balls on my skin.  It makes me feel like I want to vomit and pee my pants all at the same time…I hate it!
  • First entrepreneurial adventure:  I was 8 years old, I sold tickets to kids at school to come and see my shell collection.  All money raised was donated to the Queensland Drought Appeal.  I did this for two weeks and by the second week, my shell expo turned into a shell expo with complimentary dance concert.  Any opportunity to dance and my friends and I were all over it!
  • Biggest project to date:  a 27 page eMagazine – Sent With Love.  A visual feast full of beauty tips, diy decor and celebrity fashion for less.
When I’m not writing, snapping photos or styling my gorgeous clients, you can find me:

Flipping through the pages of the latest issue of my favourite beauty, fashion or home decor rag, practicing a little meditation in the sun, indulging in group cuddle time with the Hubs and the furry man, consulting my oracle cards for guidance, perusing the mall for newly released makeup collections or cute new pieces of clothing, or laughing with friends over a delicious cocktail…or two.


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With love and gratitude,

Shelley Cohen